Our Story

Ship Creek Group was founded in 2015 by political strategist John-Henry Heckendorn and photographer/director Joshua Corbett to provide political and commercial communications services that set the local standard for professionalism, innovation, and efficiency. Commercially, SCG has provided dynamic branding, modern digital design, and award-winning visual content for Alaska small businesses, non-profits, and advocacy efforts.

In 2016, Heckendorn's brainchild business model of combining day-to-day management, strategic planning, and top-quality comms across multiple campaigns helped dramatically change the face of Alaska politics. Of the political campaigns SCG has directly managed: our team has won one statewide ballot initiative, six of six Anchorage municipal races, eight-of-eight state legislative races, and contributed a la carte services to over 30 campaigns. At the year's end, SCG was recognized as the top political consulting firm in Alaska in 2016 by the MidnightSun political blog. And those services are increasingly in demand in the private sector as well.

At the end of 2018, Ship Creek Group re-launched with a few new faces: Managing Partner Allie Banwell and Operations Manager Jenny-Marie Stryker. They join John-Henry, Paula, and Josh to continue to forward leaders, organizations, and ideas that raise the bar in our community.

Known for our bold creative communications and innovative strategic visioning, SCG continues to break the mold and elevate our clients beyond the status quo. Whether you want to run for office, build a coalition around a piece of legislation, launch a new business, rebrand your non-profit, or bring attention to a good idea: we’ve got the team to put the pieces together. Come work with us!



Allie Banwell

Managing Partner

Allie is a seasoned campaign manager with consulting expertise in politics and business. In 2018, Allie founded Copper River Group, a political strategy firm that managed six state legislative races and multiple large independent expenditure groups. She has previously worked as an Anchorage Urban Fellow with Alaska Media and as a Digital Media Assistant for the Democratic National Convention. She holds a Bachelor’s in History from Yale University, with a concentration in Politics and Law. She enjoys outdoor running and completing the New York Times crossword puzzle.


Creative Director

Josh is an Alaska-born director, photographer, and all-around creative professional with a 10-year background in photography, film, and graphic design. His editorial photography has been featured nationally by Newsweek and the New York Times and his work on narrative political branding in Alaska has received significant acclaim. He previously worked for the US Army in Afghanistan and for Peace Corps in the Philippines.  Josh now splits his time between photo and video work and helping wife Genevieve raise newborn daughter Sloane. He holds a BA in English from Montana State University and an MA in International Relations from Johns Hopkins-SAIS.

Paula Delaiarro

Financial Officer

Paula got her start in politics by volunteering for a friend’s campaign in 2014. She is now recognized among the top Alaskan professionals in campaign finance disclosure. In the last 5 years Paula has filed over $7 million across 350 reports for 28 campaigns — while keeping our own books balanced to the penny. Before joining SCG, she ran a successful business helping students and parents navigate the college application process in much the same way she now helps candidates navigate public finance laws. Paula graduated magna cum laude from Boston College with a BA in mathematics and received her college counseling certification with distinction from UCLA. 


John-henry heckendorn

Managing Partner

John-Henry Heckendorn has worked in Alaska politics and communications for six years. In 2016, Heckendorn and partners helped win 13 municipal, legislative, and ballot proposition campaigns for clients across the aisle, helping establish a historic bipartisan coalition in the State House. He was named Alaska's top political consultant in 2016 by the lead Alaska politics blog. Graduating Whitman College with degrees in politics and economics, he has also served as Policy Director for former Governor Bill Walker (I), Executive Director of the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust, and deckhanded on fishing boats in Bristol Bay.


Jenny-Marie Stryker

Operations Director

Jenny-Marie Stryker comes to Ship Creek Group after working with Copper River Group as the Campaign Finance Director, where she managed treasury and budgets of all sizes for four legislative and two independent expenditure campaigns. She has also previously worked as a journalist for the Chilkat Valley News in Haines, Alaska, and as a special projects fellow working under the CFO for the Municipality of Anchorage. Jenny-Marie holds a BA from Wellesley College with a major in American Studies focused in political economy and a minor in Economics. She is also an amateur chef and hiker.



At SCG, we believe in giving credit where credit is due. While emeritus staff are no longer employed/active with SCG, they helped build the company into what it is today, and we're damn proud to be associated with them.



Managing Director



Deputy Campaign Manager

Courtney Owen

Graphic Designer



Campaign Manager


Peter Heckendorn

Deputy Campaign Manager