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Strategic Planning

Successful project management requires defining your primary goal, identifying the steps needed to reach that goal, building a realistic timeline, and then executing. We offer diverse experience in bringing projects to completion, under budget and on time. When you have a short-term mission, but lack the person-power to see it though, we can help you realize your goals in the most efficient, timely manner possible.


Communications delivery

Critical messages are all too often wasted on the wrong audience or the wrong delivery mechanism. At SCG we carefully define your target audience and build a communications plan that will get your message to the people who need to hear it, without burning your money on everybody else. We pride ourselves on efficiency, innovation, and effectiveness.

analytics & Research

Watching your communications budget go out the door with no idea what effect it is having is unacceptable. At SCG we track your audience interaction and measure your engagement, using that feedback to refine your message. SCG offers constant reports on campaign performance, and nationally-touted market research capability. 


Inaccessible by car and impervious to outside scrutiny, it is increasingly difficult to stay on top of what's happening in Alaska's Capitol. We maintain vigilant supervision of the Legislature's public proceedings and backroom politics, ensuring you have precisely the information you need, when you need it. Count on weekly reports and real-time updates, supplemented by regular meetings with legislators and staff. 


We believe that in today's cluttered media landscape, it is crucial to elevate your message beyond tired, one-size-fits-all, formula advertising. Whether it’s a 30 second television ad, a 3 minute brand-narrative video for your website, or an epic, full-length documentary, we want to help you tell your story in a way that's both personal and authentic. Check out examples of our videos here.


When impressions are measured in seconds, images are as integral as words to effective communications. At SCG, we help you develop quality imagery that communicates your core values and lets your audience understand instantly who you are and what you're about. Professional photography services are integrated with your communications plan.

Web design

SCG believes that web design should be simple, clean, and effective. We deliver beautiful design that communicates your vision without distractions. And we do it using web-based platforms that don't require a degree in computer science to manage, enabling our clients to take ownership of their site maintenance, and allowing the site to evolve alongside you. 

Graphic Design

Your visual identity - the choices you make about format and layout - speaks volumes to your audience. We strive for simplicity and clarity, using design that draws attention to your message, not the design itself. Whether you're looking to tweak or sharpen your existing identity, or a take on a full re-branding initiative: we've got you covered.