"Groovy, spunky hepcats" - MatSu Frontiersman Article on Ballot Measure 1

SSCG picked up a flattering feature in a mixed review of the PFD Automatic Voter Registration initiative in the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman this month. We're not sure what a hepcat is, but we like that its both groovy and spunky. 

"... It’s no wonder then that Proposition 1, which asks Alaska voters to include the option for voter registration with PFD sign-ups in the hopes of increasing the state’s dreadful voter turnout rates, comes from the left. More specifically, the drive comes from the mind of 26-year-old John-Henry Heckendorn and his group of progressive brainstormers.

Heckendorn’s latest venture is a political think tank called Ship Creek Group, and you can read all about these groovy, spunky hepcats in this week’s edition of the Anchorage Press, our sister publication to the south..."

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