SCG Personel Testify at State Hearings on Ballot Measure 1

Public hearings were held today on the statewide ballot measure #1, the Permanent Fund Voter Registration Initiative, with several more scheduled for October 5.

The hearings are required under a law passed by the Alaska State Legislature in 2010.John-Henry Heckendorn represented the original campaign…

Heckendorn: “If someone applies for their PFD and qualifies successfully, they would be automatically registered to vote if the initiative passed. They would also have the option to opt out if they didn’t want to register to vote for some reason. So after they applied for the PFD, they would get a post card in the mail from [Division of Elections] saying ‘Check this box if you don’t want to be registered to vote’ and they would send that back in and not be included in the registration update.”

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Josh CorbettComment