SCG Wins Race Rated As "Toss-Up" by 10+ Points!

SCG candidate Gary Knopp won a competitive four-way Primary for an open House Seat on the Kenai Peninsula last week, despite being labeled as an underdog for most of the race. At the end of the cycle, Alaska political blog The Midnight Sun rated the race as a toss-up. After closing hard and launching an effective and integrated ground, mail, radio, and digital campaign, Knopp ultimately prevailed over his four opponents with margin of victory that was greater than ten points. 

Koch appears to have a lot of Republican establishment support from former Sen. Tom Waggoner to outgoing incumbent Rep. Kurt Olson. Knopp, on the other hand, raised almost as much money as Koch and has top tier campaign management from John-Henry Heckendorn and crew over at Ship Creek Group.

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